At The Bees Knees Organics, we believe that what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put inside of them. Our team sources ingredients from small businesses around the world to create products that pair indulgence with wellness. From sea moss gathered along the seas of the Caribbean to shea butter cultivated on the shores of Ghana, we are committed to high-quality products that feel as good as they are for you. 

But we don’t stop there. Our team creates each Bees Knees’ product by hand — infusing our touch of love and intention into anything that touches your skin. Be love. Be beautiful. Be you. Because we believe you already are.


Prior to founding The Bees Knees Organics, Bianca Brown started her own health journey with the idea that she could heal her body from the inside out. In 2015, after extensive research, she was able to stop medications and heal a host of ailments through a vegan/vegetarian diet and by incorporating sea moss gel into her diet. 

In 2020, Bianca turned her knowledge and focus to the skin — the largest organ of the body. By incorporating the same principles of internal wellness to whole-body wellness, she was inspired to create a brand of products that could bring health, healing, and quality to customers with a range of needs. Today, Bianca continues to innovate using organic products and a commitment to never use the dangerous chemicals found in popular drug-store brands. Now, anyone can join in Bianca’s healing journey through a variety of all-natural butters, oils, clays, natural additives, and essential oils sourced from around the world.